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Full Version: UKCPS car park fine
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I am posting asking for help after going into top form on Drake st for 10 minutes to exchange my daughters uniform and when I got back found a parking ticket £60 will go to £100 from UKCPS for using River street car park in Rochdale town center.
I was sooo confused, so when I looked around its Private car park within a council car park!
I had parked on the private side and its 3 hours free on the other side which is council car park.
There are signs, not very clear. To say this car park is actually split in 2 is marked but its very easily missed as it only says ‘private parking only’ on the floor in white
The entrance sign is just a small ‘P parking’ sign on the wall.
Can someone advice please what is best to follow.
QUOTE (robz99 @ Fri, 4 Sep 2015 - 18:26) *
Can someone advice please what is best to follow.

Use the "report" button and ask a mod to move your post to the correct forum.
As this is a windscreen ticket, do nothing for now. DO NOT contact them. There are advantages to be gained by staying silent at the moment. Await the Notice to Keeper and come back here when you receive it.

Meantime, have a look around the forum and get a feel for the process you will be going through and the arguments you will be using.
D P Dance
This company appears to have a problem a problem with v.a.t.

If this is contractual charg as they claim, is a fee for parking and thus vatable.. Have they accounted for vat on their paper work?
If not it becomes a breach of contract . No vat is payable but it can only enough to compensate them for losses arising as a result of the the breach, I., no staff uniforms, N.I. Contributions, etc., and GPEOL applies,
Ask then for a vat invoice. If they ignore, (which they probably will), it is a useful stick with which to beat them if it gets to court.

More reading here

If you suspect tax evasion go here
I'm dealing with a ticket for some friends, from those muppets, at the same location.

There are several issues with that site, which I am currently pursuing with Rochdale Council. The council have agreed with me in respect of what I've pointed out to them, and I'm waiting for a response from their solicitor at the moment. I won't post the detail of that yet until I have a definitive response - as UKCPS are watching.

I am also trying to find out the who the landowner is, which has proved more difficult than expected. The land registry are still looking into it.

We didn't reply to the original parking "ticket" and waited until we got a Notice to Keeper, which wasn't compliant with the POFA (Protection of Freedoms Act) and won't allow them to pursue the keeper anyway.

In our situation:
- We replied, denying the driver or registered keeper owed them anything, asked what the charge actually was for (Breach of contract, Contractual Charge, or Trespass), and asked for a VAT invoice.

- In response they sent the same template letter 3 more times, which completely ignored anything we wrote.
Each time we replied with a template of our own, pointing out how unreasonable they are being by ignoring us

- They finally sent us a letter with scary red ink, ramping up the "charge" to £160 - still no explanation what it actually is for though.
We sent something similar back to them, with even more red ink

- They then sent us their original template letter again.
We replied with our template again.
They will probably send a letter via solicitors next.

So it's a farce really, but it's important to reply (to the first few letters at least)

Keep hold of everything they send you though, throw nothing away.
Thanks for all your reply's, I will let you know when I get the letter to keeper.
As I'm new to this, I have started reading up on all other forums so I know what to expect next.
Looks like it may be this site. Good pictures of this very confusing site.
QUOTE (Skiddaw @ Sat, 5 Sep 2015 - 14:51) *
Looks like it may be this site. Good pictures of this very confusing site.

Yeah the signs are crap.
They may have changed them but if not there is insufficient notification to a driver of any contractual agreement.
The funny thing is that the sign on the middle of the wall that you can see, shows how the amount of the parking charge is actually grossly exorbitant. £12 per week for contract parking.....
I'd say that was a death sentence to this ticket. Include a picture of the sign with an appeal once it goes to the IAS.

In fact do it like this to get a rare victory at the IAS.
I too received a windscreen PCN at this River Street site visiting Monkhouse, assuming that parking was free. I think they are in hiding on this site waiting to catch you out because it is definitely confusing [right side private; left council). The private parking signs are definitely not clear at the entrance nor within the carpark itself. Appealed to PPC - rejection letter received. Not sure if I raised enough satisfactory reasons as I am a newbie in this area. Good Luck whatever you decide!
I have got the notice to keeper letter saying I need to pay a parking charge of £100.
What do you think I should do?
Please help!
In your reading you will know to appeal to popla. Go to completed cases and draw up an appeal. Post here for critique.
Except UKCPS are members of the IPC, so one can't appeal to Popla.

Getting my cps and Pc mixed up. Doh

Appeal to ukcps, state no standing, poor signage and unconscionable penalty. Cite Cadiz, which overrides Beavis.

Require access to ADR that substantially meets the ADR regs (Google for the name, or read the many threads on here).
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