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Full Version: DVLA revoked a car driving license
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Hello everyone.
I am new here and I hope this is the right section on this forum to post my issue.

In May this year I have applied for a provisional Class 2 license as I wanted to get the training and move to a better job.
I have filled a medical report with my GP and sent it in order to get the provisional license and start the training.

At the end of February, beginning of March I had a bad split with my ex girlfriend and over 2 or 3 weeks I had some alcohol, every day, at home, without driving.
My GP knew about it as I had to do some screenings and had to tell him.

Yesterday, on 2nd September, DVLA sent a letter informing me that my application was rejected, and starting from 4th of September I am NOT allowed to drive anything, not even a car and I have to wait for a year to complete, from the date when I had the drinking Issue.

My license was clean, with no endorsments, no penalty points.
Never had any problems because of drink driving.
I can prove to them with any blood tests, or anything they want, that I am not drinking at all.
I have no criminal records or any unspent convictions.
I only drink on Christmas, Easter and my birthday

Can they revoke a license that easy with no medical tests? I understand the refusal for a Class 2, but revoking everything, seems a bit odd

Without a car I am not able to keep the job I have....and will not be able to get a decent job to pay for my bills.

Please, anyone, give me some advice on what to do as I am desperate and have no idea what to do next.

Kind regards

Go see your GP and ask them to write backing up your medical condition so as to support your case. Good luck.
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