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Full Version: 60 in a 40 - advice ?
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Hi all,

So this is my first ticket / stop in years ! and I wanted to ask some advice :

Details :

Offence date : 30/7/15 - 16:50
Speed : 60 in 40
How : Road traffic officer aimed a speed gun at me from a bridge then pulled me over.

Details of the stop : I was initially a little annoyed / panicked. I had a van tailgating me and so I'd increased my speed to get out of the way. My first comment to the officer was if he had seen this, to which he replied "what does the highway code say?" - summary - i'm screwed.

He asked if I knew the road speed, I did - 40. He then showed me I was doing 60 on his ray gun. I did ask when it was last calibrated as it seemed high, he didn't know but the sticker on the side said - tested 17/7/15.

I did hand him my driving licence. He did caution me at which point I stopped talking.

He wrote up the ticket, which he said I didn't have to sign, so i didn't and went on my way. He did not give me any paperwork.

Date of Notice received : Letter dated - 29 August 2015
Envelope dated : 1 Sept - 2015 by second class mail.
Arrived : 3rd Sept 2015

The penalty : £ 100 - it's not clear but i think 3 penalty points

Questions :

- Did the officer follow the correct process by not giving me any paper work ?
- It seems a very long time to wait for the penalty to arrive - is there a length of time this should normally be done by. (i now have 28 days to reply)
- Is there any point contesting - if so how ?

Context -

- Clean licence for since 12 years
- I have RoSPA - silver for 6 years (now expired)

Any advice would be very welcomely received.

Many thanks
Since you were stopped at the time of the offence, the only timescale is to commence proceedings against you within 6 months.
Take the COFP, it will be cheaper than court. Licence status, as long as you are under 9 points, dont matter for getting the CoFP in either amount of points, or fine amount.
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