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Full Version: NIP Recieved 41 days after the offence 39 in a 30
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Hi everyone,
I recieved a nip today 41 days after the offense. It was for traveling 39 mph in a 30 mph zone. This was a company vehicle owned by a car sales being driven by an employe who will lose his license if this is added to his current points. I presume that this speed carries 3 points and a 100 pound fine? The car is not registered in the company name it will still be in the previous owners name and address they there for probably received the nip within the 14 days (this i cant be sure of tho). The nip is addressed to the company name and address but there are some errors, the whole post code is not printed just the first 3 characters and the company name is correct however not addressed to the registered ltd company.

can anyone see any technicality he could escape the loss of his license ???? fingers crossed .

Can't see any late NIP defence.

Assuming offence not in Scotland, a SAC should result if not done one in last 3 years.
The Rookie
The address will have come from the registered keeper, as it's arrived it doesn't matter whether they properly transcribed the address or not though.

As peter as mentioned, if its in England or Wales he will qualify for an awareness course which it sounds like he needs!
Yes it is in wales. Do I just fill in the nip in his details to get a SAC automatically. is this guaranteed or is it a choice by the police ??
It is discretionary but it's unusual not to be offered one.
What points or fine do you get along with the sac it there a cost for doing the course?
No points or fine and the course has to be paid for.
thank you for your comments
The Rookie
The course is about the same price as the £100 fixed penalty, the whole attraction of the course is to avoid the points.
Assuming that this employee has already 9 pts on his license?

Has he not one a SAC in the past then? If he has done any in the last 3 years, then it won't be offered.

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