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Full Version: PCN Double Yellow
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Hey all,

I was let off a PCN for a double yellow, after I sent the below email to the council.

A couple of months later I had a ticket for pretty much the same scenario, only this time my appeal was turned down.

Is it worth taking it all the way, as the first one has kind of set a precedent, or will it not necessarily work like that?!

Thanks in advance wink.gif

Good afternoon,

I would like to appeal this parking ticket.

I was only in that spot for 10 minutes. Prior to parking here I'd done 4 laps of the area to find a parking bay but there wasn't anything available.

I needed to carry a heavy box from my car to my house which is opposite where I pulled up (I am a resident and pay for a parking permit under the RPS).

This road/layby is so wide, it is not used heavily and it's one way, so I was sure that my car wouldn't be a nuisance to other road users for just this few minutes.

I hope you can understand and waive the ticket on this occassion. I would certainly have preferred to park outside my house in a bay if possible.

And what did their reply say, Then what did you send to them this time and what was the reply.Along with that,post up the PCN and council photos, redact only personal details leave in date time and location
I sent this as my reply this time (I can't recall why I didn't just say exactly the same as the time before, I'm kicking myself!)

I've attached the councils reply to this and a pic (black Mazda). Can't find the original PCN ticket at the moment...

I am appealing this parking ticket.

I live directly opposite this location and there was ample room for other vehicles to pass through this wide, one way road, so I did consider other traffic.

Before I parked here I had done several laps of the area to find a suitable place to park, but there was nothing. I have had a ticket for this same scenario before which you kindly waived.

I pay £72 a year to park, but I couldn't park anywhere else, how many times is reasonable to drive around the area knowing I wouldn't be there more than a matter of minutes? The reason I pay so much for the permit is apparently due to emissions, so surely it's better I parked in a space causing no issue to other road users rather than continually driving around to find a non existent space, which means I burn more emissions?

I am a considerate road user and this truly was a last resort, I applied common sense, so hopefully the same can be done from the council.
You asked them to apply discretion, and they declined cant see what else you can do now that will make them change their mind.

Why didn't you use the empty bays over the road

For better advice we need the location so we can have a look round on GSV
That's fair enough, I just thought I'd check some views before paying.

Just annoying to pay for a permit and still never be able to park at home!

Those bays weren't free at the time, people are in and out of them a lot.

It's Hotwell Road, Bristol. I've attached some images of the area.
Because the situations are not the same:

I needed to carry a heavy box from my car to my house which is opposite where I pulled up (I am a resident and pay for a parking permit under the RPS

This is the statutory defence of unloading which applies even on DYL. They probably thought that it would be too much hassle for them and you to not exercise discretion, ask for proof of unloading and then cancel on those grounds, so they exercised discretion, if indeed that was their reason.

In your second challenge, you offer no defence.
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