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Full Version: Speeding in London
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Just got a letter ive been caught speeding on this road some of it is 40mph but I obviously was doing it on the wrong part. A little bit worried now as already recieved two 3 point ones so Im up to 9 if this goes through, having had nothing since 2007. I know its my fault just wondered if Id get the driving course as aposed to another 3 points but having already got some im not sure. I think its a digigtal camera so not sure if I can get off.

Thanks in advance
A course should be offered up to 42mph. It doesn't matter about existing points only the speed and whether one has been done in the last 3 years.
Why should a digital camera make it possible for you to "get off"?

In any case, assuming you've not done one in last 3 years, 40 in a 30 should see a SAC. Half a day and about £90.
I got 3 points in April and 3 points in May making 6. This would take me to 9. But you think if I havent done a course in last 3 years im OK to do it?
QUOTE (dan79 @ Tue, 21 Jul 2015 - 22:26) *
But you think if I havent done a course in last 3 years im OK to do it?

That's the rules.
Pete D
April and May this year or back in 2007. you said "having had nothing since 2007" so those points have expired and are not used for totting. Pete D
Thanks guys

I have one more quiery regarding this, Ive drove a good 2 miles of this road up to the camera and I only see one 30mph sign which is bent round the post facing the wrong way. with a couple of speed camer sign and one particualr sign similar to one this just for parking or is there end of speed limit signs too? Im not sure if its exactly the same as this may go down and get a pic.

Im only asking as I thought signange might play a part as the speed limit does change on that road

Thanks again
Is there street lighting? (it's been a while since I've been in that area so I forget what the roads look like). If so, then I believe there's no need for indicators, the lighting confers the 30mph limit indication.
That sign is just an end to the waiting restrictions.
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