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Full Version: contravention code 53 rivington street ec2
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So heres the basics:
1 Got PCN in post
2 Went and looked at signs
3 concluded there are too many signs to take in while negotiating this right turn

The signs are 15-20 feet in the air, not really in my line of vision while looking out for people/cyclists exiting rivington st/ traffic behind me.
I've been a courier for years and used this route for years so a bit shocked at getting this, no idea when it came into force.
Reckon i can get out of this PCN? The signs a bit contradictory, a PEDESTRIAN ZONE, but taxis can use it freely and lorries/vans what ever can use it 12 hours of the day for loading.

here is some sort of legal document relating to new pedestrian zone

Any info greatly appreciated.
Please post up all pages of the PCN. And whole pages only please, don't cut of the top, bottom or sides. Just redact your name & address, PCN number and vehicle reg.

Have you an option to view the video evidence, request a DVD etc? View the DVD if possible, in particular does it show the signs and your vehicle passing them?
Don't suppose you were delivering in the area ?
So here's the complete pages.
Option to view video in Council offices.
Don't think i'll view as i'm sure it will have me passing signs .
I was delivering in the area but not that street.
Found previous sign allowing you down Rivington , not sure when it changed.
Also included a Hackney sign giving warning of a prohibited turn, why can't they put one in Curtain Rd? Lose money?
It seems to be a new restriction and camera. You are the second in a few days posting about it.

Access for loading is an exemption so is a pity you took a wrong turn.

Oversignage and lack of pre-warning is all I got but first to say not too solid a challenge.
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