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Full Version: Aberdeen council bus lane contravention
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Hello, New guy here, I've had pcn for parking before and have usually managed to appeal them successfully but this one has thrown me, I have received a letter dated the 1/7/15 for an alleged contravention on the 24/4/15, the letter states:

The bus lane chare notice was issued with respect to the vehicle with reg Mark, my correct reg, and in relation to the alleged contravention.

As the blcn has not been paid in full, the penalty charge is increased by 50% to 90 pounds in accordance with the bus lane contraventions regulations 2011.

If the increased penalty of 90 pounds provided for in this charge certificate is not paid before the end of the period of 14 days beginning with the date on which this charge certificate is served on you, the parking authority may recover the increased penalty charge as if this charge certificate were and extract registered decree arbitral bearing a warrant for execution issued by the sheriff court in any sheriffdom in Scotland.

At the time of sending this charge certificate to you by post it is not possible to be certain of the exact date on which it will be delivered to you. Accordingly, if the increased penalty charge provided for in this charge certificate is not paid by 1/7/15 + 21 days , the parking authority may pass this charge certificate to sheriff officials for enforcement/collection.

End of letter

Now at first I thought they were trying to claim from me 2 months later but reading through that I assume they have sent a previous notification of the parking charge? This is the first instance that I have been made aware of being in the bus lane.

Is it valid if the original was not received? Where do I stand with this any help if very much appreciated, cheers liam
Best post up the doc, is the car registered in your name at your address, have you moved recently and do the DVLA have the correct details?
Well, here are the regulations for Scotland. PMB has asked the right questions; was this document sent to your current address ?
Will post up a photo front and back when I'm in the house, yes I've owned the car since October, have had the v5, tax reminder through etc, stayed in the same address since birth 21 years, so I'm not sure why I haven't had the original through, am I right in thinking this letter is a follow up?
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