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summons for alledged pulling over on Zig-Zag lines
post Thu, 15 Nov 2007 - 12:13
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first of all here is what happened back in may (this was written 2 days after being pulled over)


I'm hoping someone will be able to help me here or give me some good contacts (preferably free)

Here is what happened last Saturday night 19-05-07.

Drove into Nottingham town centre to pick my Girlfriend up from town (She hadn’t been drinking as she’s pregnant (might be useful for witness) anyway as I drove upto a roundabout a police car had a taxi pulled over and his lights on, as I came upto the police car he turned his lights on and started to pull out and pulled in behind me. I carried on driving down the road towards where I was planning on picking my girlfriend up (a car joined in between me and police car) as I went down the road I wanted to spin round to pull into bus stop but thought it would be suspicious as may look like im trying to loose them (being young and all and a Saturday night in town) so I carried on and decided I was going to go the very long way round to make my way up the opposite side of the road to pull into a bus stop (one of them ones that indents to the pavement allot) but as I went over a pelican crossing a taxi was pulled over about 15metres down the road (upper parliament street) so I pulled in behind him as the lights turned ot red and my girlfriend ran across the road and said bye to her mate and got it. By this time the Taxi had gone (about 10seconds) there was a white van behind a car behind me and then the police car behind the van. I drove off and went around a few corners making my way outbound of the city centre and then the police car was behind me again and had been for a fair way and just as I came around the corner that was for the road home they put their lights on and flashed me and indicated, so I pulled over and they asked me to come into the police car. I then sat down and they asked me if I know what I had done wrong, to which I gave the obvious answer of no, as I hadn’t a clue.

The police officer then went on to say that I had pulled over on ZIGZAG lines and that he’s going to issue a fixed penalty of 3 points and £60 (To my supprize as I didn’t know that it was THIS MUCH) also I didn’t even know that I was on the ZIGZAG lines in the first place, not wanting to cause a big argument of yes you was, no I wasn’t (and get them mad). He said he will issue the ticket and if I choose not to take the points then to scribble out the ticket (WHICH IS INCORECT!). When I asked the police officer why the taxi wasn’t in the wrong he said well he wasn’t on the ZIGZAG lines.. This is when it hit me that I was thinking of possibly ZIGZAGS in front of me but they were actually on about the lines behind me, which didn’t click till the next morning.

So Sunday morning I went back into town and I could distinctly remember looking at my girlfriend and seeing shiny windows to the right of her and figured that I was at least 5-10 meters away from the ZIGZAG lines!!!

I have taken pictures of the road (about 15) as the lines on the opposite side of the road do go further and may have met my back wheel but they are only for the inside lane of the opposite side of the road!

I can upload these pictures to show you if you would like?

So all in all I got a fine and points ticket for something I didn’t do, and the police never got out of there car when I was stopped and guestimated from a car and a vans distance as to if I was on the lines!

They never cautioned me and said anything I say may be given in evidence either, in case that is relevant.

So what action can I take as I’m defiantly not standing for this and am choosing to go to court.

I’ve been driving since November 2005, no points and no accidents.

EDIT: oh in court do they have to provide evidence that i WAS on the lines rather than there word being accepted alone?

All advice welcome!


This is the witness statement from the police officer

I am a police officer in the Nottinghamshire police currently based on the Nottingham armed response unit.
On Saturday the 19th of May 2007 I was on duty in full uniform on mobile patrol in a marked police vehicle in company with PC XXXX [surname]. At approximately 2250 hours we were driving along upper parliament street. At this time traffic was busy in the city centre area. We were in a line of traffic as we approached the south Sherwood street junction with four or five vehicles in front and four or five behind. The flow of traffic then stopped as we got outside flares nightclub. I saw ahead of me that a Vauxhall Corsa motor vehicle had stoppedwithin the zig zags for a set of traffic lights for no obvious reason. Due to the layout of the road, vehicles could not get past the Corsa. I noticed about ten vehicles behind us were queued in the traffic and there were two vehicles ahead of me stuck behind the Corsa. Several drivers sounded there audible warning devices, but the Corsa did not move.

I then noticed a female walking along the nearside footpath towards the Cauxhall Corsa. She spoke to the driver for a short while, then got into the front passenger seat of the vehicle. The Corsa drove forwards after being stationary for between forty to fifty seconds.

I followed the Corsa and cause it to stop when it was safe to do so. I noticed the registration of the vehicle was KF54BWW. I spoke to the driver, a male who identified himself to be [My full Name, date of birth DD/MM/YYYY, of XX XXXXX XXXX Road, Carlton Nottingham. Wheldon informed me that he had driven into the city centre to pick up his girlfriend, and that is why he had stopped on the zig zags. I said to Wheldon, “Stopping within the zig zags without good reason is an offence.”
I cautioned him to which he made no reply.
Wheldon re-iterated that he had stopped to pick up his girlfriend who was at the time pregnaunt. I pointed out to him that there are many other more legal and convenient places nearby to pick up pedestrians. I offerd Wheldon the option to have the matter dealt with by way of fixed penalty notice or to be reported for summons. Wheldon elected to have the fixed penalty notice. I reported him for summons and then issued him with fixed penalty notice reference 31E02673100. Wheldon signed the form and took the drivers copy.

1.) No one sounded there horns
2.) I was not on Zig Zags and they dont even exist at the set of lights he has stated i was stopped at! (Got to double check this and take pictures!) When i asked where the lines where he said they were the zig zags from the lights behind me! and thats why the taxi infront of me that was pulle dover was not in the wrong.
3.) The liughts behind me were on red so that would explain part of the traffic anyway. I know this as my girlfriend came across when they changed and i had pulled over before she started to cross.
4.) the reason no-one could get round me was because of cars moving over lanes because of a ambulance on the opposite side of the road.
5.) He never cautioned me!
6.) he was really cocky he even said to me in the car "Right liam we have 2 options here! We either give you a warning and let you go... Or we give you a fixed penaulty of £60 (I think) and 3points... and we're going to give you a fixed penaulty!" I was like WTH!! Why wind people up like that!?
7.) The officer really really pushed me into taking the fixed penaulty saying i wouldnt want to go to court because of my baby and how i would end up with a massive fine and so on. I ummed and ared and he told me to take it then if i did want to contest then just rip it up! Lucky that i read the back as i would have been in big doo doo if i had ripped it up as the fine increases! He's then kind of turned me signing the penaulty as kind of an admission at the time of me being in the wrong.

What do you advise i prepare for court? I've read on one leaflet that it says i will not be able to give my case on this court date?? Do they decide if i have a chance to speak?

I have 17 pictures of the crossing the police officer said i was obstructiing on the night but as stated above he is now saying it was another crossing (bout 200-300 metres between them!!)

P.S. hope this is the correct section to post under i couldnt see anything unrelated to speeding..


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post Thu, 15 Nov 2007 - 12:13
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post Thu, 15 Nov 2007 - 14:05
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I'm really not sure what zigzags or how you pulled over them, I assume they are zigzags for a crossing and you changed lane over them (not allowed) or passed a car through them (not allowed) or is it that you STOPPED on them?

His word will suffice unless you can create reasonable doubt.


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post Thu, 15 Nov 2007 - 14:35
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His girlfriend was in the corsa when this was going on and she wasnt invited into the plod car - could she be present when the caution takes place? It would then be two against one or is that why they dont invite anyone else to go for the wee chat? Are you entitled to a witness to the caution?

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