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SATs Exams too middle class....
post Fri, 6 Oct 2017 - 21:05
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In flame pit as not motoring and TBH, cos I feel like a rant on this......

English SATs exam 'left pupils in tears because it was too middle class'

WTF has class got to do with ability to read? I understand that some kids, often from deprived backgrounds, think a book is something that you get from the betting shop and that it can be challenging to teach them to read but "too middle class"
And while ranting, SATs have sweet FA meaning for the pupils. They are purely a check on the school/teacher.
So why the 'ell are kids under so much pressure to do well that they break down in tears?
To me this is the school passing their concerns onto the kids instead of looking at their own responsibilities.
Had that argument with the head at my kid's primary school when she told me that SATs were vital to the kid.... horse laugh from me and stifled a rude word.

Then we have:-
‘The life experiences you needed to access the test were quite unusual. I mean, to put yourself in the place of somebody riding a giraffe, I found that quite hard to envisage’

Surely one of the points of reading, especially for pleasure, is to vicariously enjoy/experience things that you probably will never do in real life?
By the time I was in year 5/6 I'd flown to the moon, flown a biplane over enemy lines, fought with savages in the jungles, lived on a desert island. the list is endless.
Riding a giraffe is child's play.

And from an anonymous head teacher...
“The texts were elitist and suitable for white middle-class English children born in 1823.”

So there we have it, education nowadays is worse then in 1823.... a fact I've been suspicious about for many years.

I can understand complaints that the tests were too difficult, subjective but understandable.
But some of the comments in that article are simply excuses of the worst sort, they tell kids (and parents) that it is okay to fail, that trying is no good cos you come from the wrong background.
And leads to the dumbing down of the whole system.

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post Fri, 20 Oct 2017 - 10:32
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(There is some sarcasm there BTW)

The unfortunate irony there is that for some that's the 'truth'.

Most the those jealous of the outcomes for those attending Grammar school would not be will to do 50% for the work required to achieve the outcome, let alone 'endure' the 'discipline' required to do it. If you offered that average school kid 'extra' schooling they'd laugh at you and then go back to the iPads.

I could tell the story of what happened when my Brother (who failed the 11+, but worked extremely hard to get a good batch of 'O''s and Grade 3+ GCE's) attended my Grammar school as an 'A' Level student, but as it's personal I won't, suffice to say what I'm saying above is based on experience not conjecture.
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post Fri, 20 Oct 2017 - 10:32
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post Sat, 21 Oct 2017 - 10:55
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The problem with Teaching, is that it is one of those jobs, (Politician/Councillor/MP is another obvious example) where everybody knows it is the easiest job in the World, and that they could do a much better job than the buffoons currently doing it (who let's face it, only have that job because they couldn't get one anywhere else). happy.gif

The real problem is that the buffoons doing the Teaching are ordered about by the buffoons in Government, and everybody chants the "Never Good Enough" mantra, which has to be the single most demoralising idea to come out of the 1990s rolleyes.gif

The latest buffoonery is "progress 8".
In a nutshell, they rate the kids results against the average results of everybody else, so if everyone works their row out (and the teen suicides don't count) everybody gets zero, but if there is one overachiever everybody bar him gets negative.
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