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> Beginner's Guide: How to post a new topic , A simple walk-through of how to make that first post
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For people who are unfamiliar with using this type of forum, we've put together this quick-start guide that we hope will be of help. It provides a walk-through of how to make a post with images of typical pages you should see, and what to do.

If you're unsure how to post your first message then please have a look and try using this example to make your own new topic (using your own Username and Password, of course!). Click on any of the thumbnails to see the full screenshot.

excl.gif Go to the FightBack forums: Enter your Username and Password, and click on the GO button.

excl.gif You'll now see the main forum index. Click on the name of the forum you want to post a message in (in this example it's the Cameras forum).

excl.gif You'll now see a list of all the topics in the Cameras forum. To post a new topic, click on the NEWTOPIC button.

excl.gif Enter a subject for your topic in the Topic Title box, and a short description of your post in the Topic Description box if you wish (this is optional), then type your message in the white message body text box.

There are a number of other options available to make your post more visually interesting: emoticons (or smilies), text formatting and bulleted lists. You can try these out when you're confident about the process of posting a message, but for now you can ignore them. It's the content of your message that's really important, not flashy formatting!

When you're happy with your message, click on the Post New Topic button.

excl.gif You'll now see your message as it appears on the forum. Your message has now been posted and you don't need to do anything else. Otherwise from here you can now go to the main forum index, back to the Cameras forum, post another topic, or log out.

To see your new topic click in the forum index on the Cameras link.

excl.gif You're now back in the Cameras forum, and can see the new topic you just posted. You can see how many replies other people have made to your topic, how many people have read it, and who last posted a message in your topic and when.

To read your topic, including all the replies you've received, click on the name of the topic - in this example "This new topic is a test".

excl.gif You'll now see your message and all the replies made to it.

If you want to add a reply yourself, perhaps to follow up on what someone else has said in response to your original post, click on the ADDREPLY button; the page that comes up will look exactly the same as the one you filled in when posting your original message, and you complete it in the same way too. As in everyday life, it's always considered polite to post a reply thanking someone who's taken the time to respond to your message or answer your question constructively.

excl.gif When you're finished, click on the Log Out link to leave the forum.

We hope that this walk-through has been helpful in explaining the basics and getting you started in using the forums. If you have any suggestions for improvements or if anything is unclear then please e-mail the Webmaster.

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