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Posted on: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 - 08:01

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I cant have been travelling a lot faster because I'd only just started off from a red light and the junction is very tight due to a big pedestrian crossing island in the middle of the road I was turning on to.

I have definitely learnt a lesson about not accelerating while cornering. I think that's what I did and you are correct DancingDad about all my experience being in FWD cars.

I think I might have got close to upsetting them at the start because they kept going on about having insurance and I did start to bite because I knew I had insurance but they pretty much didn't believe me and kept pushing the question.

When they arrived I was on the phone arranging a tow truck and then when I hung up from that, they started asking me about insurance (which I have) and when I said I had it they kept saying well I better have otherwise I'll be arrested, was I on the phone buying insurance when they arrived, if I was they'd soon find out so I better not be lying etc etc. It went on like that until they got confirmation I did have insurance.

Then once they breathalysed me, they were much more relaxed and ok with me and we actually had a pretty good chat.

The road I turned on to is the main road heading towards the industrial estate I work on. We have a large Lidl RDC next to us and they take and despatch a hell of a lot of trucks. So I don't know if the road was oily with Diesel or whatever

All the Lorry's come straight along Thames Way as it is the most direct route to the A2 and then on to the M25 North or M2 South. Spot the Police station about 500 yards away from where I crashed!

Like I say, I came from a standing start in Vale Road (red light) through the lights behind 4 other cars, so I cant have been going fast, although obviously to that end, I was also in a low gear (second).

I admit that somewhere in my technique driving this car I made a mistake which led to this accident. But I wasn't going fast.
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Posted on: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 - 17:49

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Thank you for all your replies.

I just wanted a bit of understanding about what that particular offence meant.

And yes I spelt reckless wrong... I am now most definitely wreckless!

The TOR document definitely says 'Proper'. I tried looking up the code that I have listed in the thread title but Google yields no results.

Thing is, I would never have argued it because my car ended up straddling the kerb with its arse in a bus stop. I'm very thankful for whatever happened that meant they decided to not proceed with it.
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Posted on: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 - 14:56

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Good afternoon all, this is my first post on here.

I'm hoping to get some understanding regarding an incident I've had today.

I was coming to work this morning at 7am and I only have a short journey to work of about 1.5 miles. To get to work, I have to turn right at a cross roads which a lot of lorry's use, as I work in an industrial area and there is a big Lidl warehouse next door that take hundreds of lorries a day and they all go down the road that I have to turn right onto.

Anyway, I recently bought a little sports car, an MG TF 135 which is rear drive, and I've only been using it about a month as it needed a lot of work to make it good (it had an MOT when it was purchased but I wasn't happy with some elements of it so had the work done to get it to my satisfaction).

So this morning on my way to work, I had to stop at the traffic lights on my side of the cross roads. When the lights went green I followed the 4 or 5 cars in front of me through the lights and turned right. As I started to straighten the car, I applied the throttle (I dont think I was doing more than 15mph) and the back end slipped out to the left. I managed to catch it, but then it went to the right, then left again and basically I got into a right old state and lost total control and ended up with my back offside wheel up on the kerb, with the back end virtually in a glass bus shelter, the front end across the bus lane and with substantial damage to the wheel, suspension and drive, to the point I couldn't move the car.

Not knowing what to do, I rang my dad and my friend and they both came to try and get the car out of the bus lane/stop, but it wouldn't move and being mid engine, it was too heavy at the back to lift off.

My Dad/friend then left me and I started ringing my breakdown cover provider to arrange a tow when 2 police cars showed up with blue lights on. Three officers got out and approached me and asked me who I was talking too to which I replied Churchill breakdown recovery. I finished arran ging the tow and then the police started to talk to me again, having put some cones around the area while I was busy.

For about the first 10 or 15 minutes, the two male officers kept asking me how fast was I going?, did I have insurance?, was I on the phone arranging insurance when they showed up?, had I been drinking?, telling me I could have killed someone in the bus stop (which I was more than aware of) etc. I repeatedly told them I had insurance and eventually they agreed with me after checking it with someone over the radio.

The female officer was talking to a women walking two dogs, who apparently saw everything and apparently said I was driving like a lunatic, although I didn't hear her say it directly. I don't even remember her being there when it first happened and by the time the police arrived I'd been there half an hour so I don't know where she came from.

Then after that they seemed to chill out and talk to me a bit nicer. I was cautioned They asked me for my version of events which I told them as I remembered, but it all happened bloody fast.

I was breathalysed and it returned a zero and then I then I was cautioned and interviews by the roadside. I was given a Traffic Offence Report which states the offence as code RC86450, Not in Proper Control (Driver). I was warned I could face 3 points and a £100 fine, being summoned to court and I think he said up to a £1000 fine and some other potential punishments.

The police people then left (I apologised to them for taking there time and two of them shook my hand) and eventually the tow truck came.

I felt pretty stunned by it all, I spun my car, crashed it, no one les was involved, I smacked my head on the side window and had a headache and was potentially having to go to court all in the space of an hour!

I don't feel I am a wreckless driver. I have driven for 14 years and never had a single accident. I've driven and owned much more powerful cars than this, I appreciate what powerful cars are like, but must admit they have all been front drive. At the same time I'm not a racing driver, I did my best to control the car and I failed, the same as probably hundreds or thousands of people do a day.

Anyway, an hour ago, the police officer rang me up and told me he wasn't going to process the paperwork so I didn't have to worry.

I was stunned again, very thankful too.

I'm just totally confused as to why they've let it go? I'm not complaining at all.

I've never dealt with the police before, so is this kind of thing normal?
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