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Posted by: Lynnzer Sun, 30 Jun 2019 - 07:23
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Increasingly I seem to visit the site via my mobile and it's absolutely hopeless when I do.
The writing is way too small to even try and manage and even when the phone is turned on its side to bring the width to a better size, the depth is affected too much.

I have a couple of sites of my own and I know that Google is placing an emphasis on mobile site creation.

Can this site be put onto a responsive or even variant based programme to bring it into the 22nd century?

I am trying my hand at Wordpress right now but it ain't easy for me, although I do use Magix's Xara Designer Pro 365 at present that might do the job.

Problem is of course that the format of the forums based site doesn't lend itself easily to such a format, but responsive would I guess.

Posted by: L.Saroyan Mon, 19 Aug 2019 - 20:29
Post #1509063

The password recovery could do with some work. I was logged in for a year without having to enter it. So when I found myself logged out (automatically I presume) I had unsurprising forgotten it. The silly letters that have to be entered never seemed to work for me, until I tried using Chrome instead of firefox. Also why is it possible for a User name to be different from the name used to log in?
It no surprise that people keep making new accounts...

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