Is all this information really free?

And do I have to pay to get help?

The short answer is:

Our entire purpose here at PePiPoo is laid out right at the top of our home page:

To reveal to the ordinary UK motorist, clearly and concisely, how the police and judiciary deal with allegations of motoring offences in real life, and to provide the information motorists need to defend themselves.

All of the people who run this site or contribute their time, knowledge and expertise do so on an unpaid, voluntary basis to support this objective. We incur expenses for goods and services from outside organisations, but other than that nobody receives a salary or any other payment for the help they freely provide. The vast majority of information on the site is available completely free of charge on either the main website or here on the public forums.

Providing this site and paying for the expenses we incur does of course cost money, and we are both grateful for and dependent on the financial support we receive from our visitors and members. There are several ways in which you can directly support us, and these are outlined in our website. Here on the forums there are three levels of access, which are described in more detail in our Help pages:
  1. Guest - free. As a guest you don't have to register or login to read posts in the public forums. You can't post messages, though.
  2. Member - free. As a registered member you can also post messages and vote in polls in the public forums, and can also send Private Messages to other members.
  3. Supporter Member - by subscription. Supporter Members pay a subscription that helps us to pay for the expenses we incur, and so directly help to support the site. They are entitled to access to a private discussion forum, and there are additional benefits such as increased message storage space. You can tell a Supporter Member from the symbol next to their name.
We don't ask you for any payment for the information that you can find here. We just ask that if you do find it useful, and particularly if you are successful as a result, you contribute what you think is appropriate either by taking out a subscription or by making a donation.

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