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Inconsistencies in information supplied by DVLA
post Thu, 8 Aug 2019 - 18:55
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Hi Everyone

Not sure if I am in the right place here as I have never used forums before and spent quite a while just figuring out how to make a post.

Anyway, on the my problem at hand.

In 2017 I moved house and called the DVLA to update the address on my licence. After doing so I was told all my information was now up to date with the DVLA. At this time I was unaware that I ALSO had to send in the V5C. no one at DVLA mentioned this to me when I called to update my drivers licence details when they could easily have said 'please make sure you ahem also updated your V5C' rather than saying 'all your information is now up to date with the DVLA'

So I thought everything was good. Then in October 2018 I received a fine for a traffic offence fro Southwark council to my new address. Thus making me feel confident that my details have been updated.

Then in early March of this year (2019) I received a bailiffs letter for an unpaid PCN from Islington council. Whilst looking into this I became aware that the reason for the fine being sent to my old address was I hadn't updated my V5C.

As this was the first I had heard of this offence on the 11/03 I contacted Islington council and they said they had obtained my address from the DVLA who had supplied them my old address. I then called the DVLA just requesting which address they have for me on record which they confirmed it as being my old address. I then contacted Southwark council in regards to the fine in Oct 2018 to ask where they would have obtained my address from (as their fine had been delivered to my new address) and they told me the DVLA. I then, (still on the 11/03) called DVLA a second time only enquiring what address they have for me and I was told my new address saying she could see it was updated in Sept 2017.

So as soon as i got back to London I sent in my V5C to be updated (21/03/19). At this time I started calling the DVLA to enquire if perhaps I may have other similar outstanding fines with other Boroughs that I have not received the original PCNs for. I assume they must have a record of each time a council contacts them asking for my address/details? DVLA told me that there is no way for me to find this information out. I tried calling some councils directly to see if I had any outstanding fines with them but without a PCN number they couldn't help me.

I did try go back to my old residency to ask if they had received anything through the post for me but it was completely vacant as they were trying to renovate but it seems like the building works had come to a stand still and no one was there at all.

Eventually I seem to hit a brick wall in regards to finding out if I have any further outstanding fines.

Now in July I get yet another bailiffs letter for an offence in January. At the time of the offence my V5C had not been updated and thus my old address was given to the council..again. The council did make an attempt to contact me to no avail. They then made a second attempt to contact me after 21/03/19 at my old address yet this was after my address had been updated. They obviously never re checked with the DVLA to see if the address had been updated since their first enquiry.

So in this case I filed and 'out of time claim' against the increased amount which was subsequently denied.

I also once again called the DVLA and asked if there is any way for me to find out if I have any other outstanding offences. The lady at the DVLA once again told me that there is now way for me to find this information out. I then pressed harder saying 'but you must have a record of when councils contact you asking for my details'? She then told me that perhaps the Records Agency may be able to help (which is part of the DVLA but once again these 2 parts don't communicate with each other). She gave me the email address for the Records Agency whom I proceeded to email but never got any response.

So my questions here is firstly why has the DVLA managed to give my current address in one situation and not in the other two situations?
Why has the DVLA on the same day supplied me (one seperate occasions) with both my old AND my new address as what they had on record for me.
This shows clearly shows there are inconsistencies in the information DVLA provides.

Then I am also wanting to know how can I find out if I may have even more outstanding fines for offences committed prior to me changing my address using my V5C in late March 2019? There seems to be no way of finding this information out. All I want is the opportunity to pay the direct fine but at present the only time they are able to contact me is after it gets pushed up to £500 or more. Thus in the last 4 months I have had to pay over £1000 in fines and although I want to pay any other fines I might have there is no way for me to find out if I have any.

Any help would be appreciated.

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post Thu, 8 Aug 2019 - 18:55
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post Fri, 9 Aug 2019 - 10:28
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We can help with these cases in the council section as you can make out of time declarations that you didn't get the PCNs but councils often oppose these if you didn't update the V5C.

As you've paid up then no point with yours unless you get a new one.

Without itemised list of dates it's hard to make anything of your issue with DVLA.

Regarding the process, councils always take what DVLA gives them as the address and do not ask again. The driving licence has nothing to do with who is the registered keeper, which could be a hire firm or your uncle Tom Cobley. When you get a new driving licence the letter does warn you about the V5C in relation to criminal offences at least.

You can only check with councils or TFL, Dart etc if you have outstanding PCNs. If you are worried you can set up mail redirection from old address (which is always a wise thing to do).

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post Sat, 10 Aug 2019 - 05:14
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A Subject Access Request to the DVLA would at least allow you to discover when & who got your details.

British Parking Association Ltd Code of Practice(Appendix C contains Schedule 4 of POFA 2012 ) & can be found here
DfT Guidance on Section 56 and Schedule 4 of POFA 2012
Damning OFT advice on levels of parking charges that was ignored by the BPA Ltd Reference Request Number: IAT/FOIA/135010 – 12 October 2012
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